UGANDA: Pressure Mounts to Make Public Oil Agreements

Uganda’s members of parliament (MPs) are pressurizing government to make public details of oil production-sharing agreements it signed with various international oil companies. Concerns have been raised by various government officials and civil society organizations (CSOs) over the fairness of the deal. There is a major concern if the revenue from oil going to be used unfairly; rather than in improving important sectors such as agriculture and education, according to most analysts. Read this story here.

Tanzania: Eight Million Locals Skip Meals

A survey made in Tanzania showed that people have drastically reduced expenditure on essential household items in response to increasing prices of basic commodities, especially food. The poor continued to languish in poverty, while only a few felt their living standards had improved. According to the survey, corruption and poverty affected more women than men. Read this story here.

Resources and Outcomes in Public Schools

This study probes the connection between resources and outcomes in South African public schools. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of the effects of socio-economic segregation and inadequate resources on the lives of poor learners.

Education is a potent tool in the fight against poverty and other forms of inequality, but to be effective, changes in the schooling system and the way society responds to the challenge of poverty are needed. This study argues that the problems of poor academic performance in public schools cannot simply be attributed to poor teaching, management and the inefficient use of resources. We need to face up to the broader challenges of education for the poor.

This publication is the first in a series of research projects by the Economic Governance Programme of democracy institute Idasa, which locates schools within society and reflects society through the schools and schooling systems it produces.

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New database on gender and land

A new database launched by FAO puts the spotlight on one of the major set backs to rural development – widespread inequalities between men and women in their access to land. See more about the database here (currently hosts information about 78 countries).

Government Committed to Priorities – SA Budget

SA Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered the South African medium term budget statement on 27th October. Government priorities remain social spending, infrastructural expansion and job creation. See Idasa’s comment in the video and statement below.

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