First dialogue aimed at significant change

The first dialogue of Ministers of Agriculture, Science and Technology in Africa hosted by Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) was held in Accra. The dialogue, which was recommended during the 5th FARA General Assembly in July 2010, stressed that significant changes need to happen through the application of appropriate research, science, technology and science education to multiply agricultural productivity. Ministers and other stakeholders from over 15 countries have recommended the establishment of an African Union Monitoring System to allow effective implementation and follow-through of decisions taken at the first Annual Dialogue. Read more here.
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Africa has the means to feed itself but does it have the support – and the will?

Africa has a quarter of the world’s arable land but produces only a tenth of the world’s food. 265 million people are still chronically hungry, and Africa is estimated to hold 60% of the world’s remaining uncultivated farmland. In September, a UN summit discussed the upcoming five-year deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It is important for Africa to create its own dialogue about the issues the continent is addressing and the potential solutions available. Read more here.