The importance of facilitating “talk” or “dialogue” is fundamental to the work of democracy – something Idasa has pursued actively in workshops, study circles, discussion groups – and is also pursuing in online forums. While we recognise that the internet caters to only a small portion of the population, those people who are online, do love to debate and therefore deserve a forum to do just that, talking about the future of our democracy.

Young people in South Africa and elsewhere are online a lot.  Between 2000 and 2008, there was 91% growth in the numbers of internet users in South Africa alone, and that’s not counting other African countries. As people increasingly hook up online through their mobile phones, there are more opportunities for thought and talk, especially online dialogue.

This blog gives space to young thinkers who are focussed on democracy, especially in Africa.

We have invited our young thinkers and interns to use this space to share thoughts and musings about democracy and democracy work.

See more about Idasa’s work here.

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