FK Fellow Blog – Mandla Matuare no.2

Month number two at Idasa as an FK Fellow. So far so good. The timing couldn’t have been better. Having the opportunity to attend and be part of both the Bosberaad (Idasa’s annual strategic retreat) and Reflection Week has really given me an appreciation of the internal affairs of Idasa as an organisation and what the staff is doing in order to continue to strengthen the organisation’s position.

There are several projects that have been mentioned which are high on the Idasa to-do list and it has been good to get involved in whatever capacity I can. The National Dialogue which was held on the 25th and 26th of July in collaboration with IJR and the Club de Madrid is one of the projects I have been involved with. Director Ivor has gave me the opportunity to get involved with organising the event alongside colleague Dirkie and I managed logistics by myself on the day itself! It was a challenge but with my events management background I knew that an event is only hard during conceptualisation and planning. The event went rather well despite some high level cancellations at the last minute.

Also my recent trip to my home country (Zimbabwe) was interesting as part of the Afrobarometer training for field workers there prior to their deployment to various parts of the country to administer the questionnaire and obtain feedback on the views of the people regarding governance and democracy. It was good to see friends and family as well as see first-hand how people are interviewed and how respondents react to the various topics in the questionnaire itself.

It was sad to discover that so much effort is spent every year on the CRM system that is rarely used. I am very much into technology and efficient sharing of information and the fact that this system is not being used to its potential is disappointing. Fair and fine; not all the people who have access to the system are comfortable with it but, two ideas come to mind: Familiarisation with the system tutoroial by consulting the administrators and secondly by delegating some of the more complex uploading, posting, updating tasks to other project members who may be more comfortable with system.


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