Out in Africa Poster Exhibition

It is Creative Week Cape Town 2011 and the Cape Town Democracy Centre is hosting one of the must see events. The Out in Africa South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has been a fabulous annual cultural happening since its launch in 1994 and over the years OIA has commissioned wonderful artwork for their publicity. The posters have not been without controversy. One year all were stolen during the festival from Cape Town’s lampposts; someone was either truly offended, or thought they were very desirable.

The Creative Week exhibition showcases the work of four designers:

Charlotte Ewins (1998-2003), Peet Pienaar (10th to 13th film festivals, 2004-2007), Toby Attwell (14th to 16th festivals, 2008-2010) and Fred Viljoen (three mini-festivals in 2011).The diversity and creativity of the Out in Africa posters, publicly shown together for the first time, is a pleasure to see. The OIA Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has given South Africa not only a culture of good films, but also a culture of good posters. Please join us at 6 Spin Street for a glass of wine on Wednesday 14 September at 6 p. m.  The posters are on view until 17 September. 6 Spin Street Restaurant is a sponsor of the film festival.

Enquiries: 6 Spin Street Restaurant 021 461 0666


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