Book Launch: Facing Climate Change

You are invited to the Cape Town launch of:

Facing Climate Change: Building South Africa’s Strategy by Stefan Raubenheimer


With a new round of UN Climate Change negotiations on the horizon, to be hosted by South Africa in Durban in November, the spotlight is on the country’s own commitments to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What strategy should South Africa employ? And how to reach consensus about the way ahead, when there are such powerful, divergent interests at stake? What process can we use to decide on the right energy mix that will balance our need for energy security with our international obligations? The Author of Facing Climate Change: Building South Africa’s Strategy, Stef Raubenheimer, is well-placed to answer these questions, and will be doing so in conversation with Richard Calland.

Date:              Tuesday 26 July 2011

Time:             17:30 for 18:00

Place:            Lobby Books, Idasa’s Cape Town Democracy Centre, 6 Spin Street, Cape Town

RSVP:            Andreas Späth or 021 467 7606.


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