The Professor Robert Shell Lunch Time Talk at IDASA

Today’s Lunchtime Soapbox talk at Idasa’s Democracy Centre, 6 Spin Street (across from Church Square) will be a special session with noted South African historian Robert Shell.

He will speak about the Old Slave Lodge in Cape Town, which housed up to 1000 slaves.Slave-lodgings, lunatic asylum, police station, prison and brothel: these were some of the functions which the building at the entrance to the Company’s Gardens at the top of Adderley Street (the old Heerengracht), unashamedly fulfilled. The Lodge fused the dramatic themes of thraldom, perpetual servitude, sex and insanity into a fortress of misery which could provide South African novelists with the raw material of a hundred novels. This complex building was a forgotten crucible of colonialism and apartheid that helped perpetuate facets of colonial life which are still recognisable in present-day South Africa.

Robert Shell is extraordinary Professor of Historical Demography in the Statistics Department at the University of the Western Cape. His research interests cover slavery, Islam and also HIV/AIDS.

Date: 7 July 2011
Time: 12:30 for 1:00pm.

Prof. Shell’s talk will start at 1pm and go through 2:30pm

This is a special presentation with an extended Question & Answer session.

As always for these talks, a delicious “brown bag” lunch for R35 is available from the restaurant, 6 Spin Street.


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