Documentary screening: Shooting Poverty

If you missed the first screening, here is another chance to catch it:

Shooting Poverty is a three part mini documentary funded by Oxfam and created by young artists on location.

In 2010 young film makers from around the world were called to submit their visions for a documentary exposing the true impact and cost of a poorly regulated arms trade on real communities and real people.

Out of the more than 60 submissions from nine counties, three projects were given mentoring, hands-on production support, and the financing necessary to make the projects a reality. The result is the Shooting Poverty documentary series.

– Burundi: Bang for your Buck.
– Brazil: Grosse Calibre.
– India: April 6th.

Please join Activist for the second public South African screening and discussion about this high impact and controversial expose of the global arms trade through the eyes of a journalist, a hip hop emcee and a widowed mother.

Good wine and delicious snacks, provided by Spin Street Restaurant will be on sale. Good company and an interesting discussion comes free. Arrive 6:00 for 6:30 for a glass of wine, snack and a chat before the screening begins.


Hosted by Eitan Stern


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