Improving quality and quantity of crops

A joint four-year programme (SIMLESA) developed by researchers in Australia and five African countries aims to increase the quality and quantity of maize and legume crops through the use of new or improved technologies. This, in turn, is expected to raise farmers’ incomes and make more food available in local and international markets. The aim of the programme is to allow for a symbiotic relationship between crops that will benefit farmers. If successful, the plan will target malnutrition as well as legumes are high in iron and other vital minerals needed for a healthy body. At the same time, the increase in legumes as a crop will see Asia as one of the biggest markets, hence an increase in profit for small scale farmers. Currently the plan is in pilot phase, but if it is done right, it would be an great asset to fighting food insecurity in Africa. Read more here.
Cathy Majtenyi


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