New Approach to agriculture will ensure food sufficiency.

A predictable pattern of droughts has emerged in Kenya over the last few years. The author refers to this pattern of climate change as devastating. But the inability of policy-makers in Kenya to acknowledge this predictability is disastrous. The author details the different responses from ministers of agriculture and special programmes, including one who, when asked about the effects of previous droughts on the country, responded that the disasters had not been planned for, thus the availability of resources in emergencies is non-existent. The lack of planning in such predictable times is indeed hazardous to the economy and to the livelihoods of farmers in Kenya. Learning from what’s not working, creates space for what is. Read more here.


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  1. Agriculture, apart from food security considerations, is potentially the biggest job provider in most African economies as well as a catalyst for economic and social development in the rural areas.

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