Call for Papers – Access to Information in Quality Education

Should Access to Information be a Cornerstone Standard to Achieving Quality Basic Education in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Conference details: February 2011, 14-16. Livingstone, Zambia
From 14-16 February 2011 the Right to Know, Right to Education project will host a regional conference to address the issues of quality basic education for all. The conference will provide a platform for regional bodies, academics, civil society organisations and international aid organisations to deliberate critical questions such as the role of international quality standards for Sub-Saharan African countries; the effective monitoring of education standards in-country; how the right of access to information could be promoted by multi-lateral agencies; and whether quality education can be realised without stakeholders’ free and open access to relevant information? Also, the contentious notion of the nexus between resource and outcomes will be discussed. The latter is important especially in the context of delivering targeted resources to poor and vulnerable schooling communities. Finally, the conference will probe the role of regional institutions such as SADC, PAP and the AU in promoting a quality basic education agenda.
Access to Education, Quality of Basic Education and Linkages with the Right of Access to Information
Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Policies and Outcomes: The Role of Governments, Civil Society and other Non-State Actors
The Nexus between Resources and Outcomes in Basic Education
We are inviting abstracts for any one of the three themes and our aim is to have a fair distribution of abstracts and papers across the three sub-themes. The abstract should be citation-free and should not exceed 150 words. They should include the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), organisational affiliation(s) and contact information of the author(s). All abstracts should be sent to Francina Mhundwa at and Rose Hemmer-Vitti at by 31 October 2010 for consideration.
Note for presenters
Presenters must be able to present their findings at the conference that will be held on 14 to 16 February 2011 in Livingstone, Zambia. Subject to peer review, some papers will be chosen to be published in an edited conference book through a reputable publisher. For further inquiries, please contact Rose Hemmer-Vitti at

See the full details here.


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