Book Launch: The People vs Phillip: How the ANC sold us for a Cup

You are invited to the launch of:

New Frank Talk #6: The People vs Phillip: How the ANC sold us for a Cup

With the 2010 World Cup having come to an end, New Frank Talk, South Africa’s only black radical journal, brings us The People vs Phillip: How the ANC sold us for a Cup. In it, Andile Mngxitama, argues that the Fifa mafia, led by Sepp Blatter, was allowed by the ANC government to throw a month long party for “the world” worth more than R100 billion while the majority of the country continues to live in poverty.

Andile Mngxitama

Using Frantz Fanon’s Pitfalls of National Consciousness, Mngxitama shows us how the ANC behaves in ways typical of a post-colonial national bourgeoisie which sacrifices its own people in order to please and gain acknowledgment from its colonial masters. In what is one of his many lucid analyses in the essay, he says:

Our government is anti people; from Mandela, to Mbeki and now Zuma. The ANC will find all kinds of excuses [for not providing for the needs of the majority] instead of doing the right thing. But we know now that, in fact, government has both capacity and resources. The World Cup success shows that the lack of service delivery in black communities is in fact deliberate; the ANC government delivers services to its chosen constituency with frightening resolve and skill. That constituency is not the poor and voting majority but national settler white capital, global capitalism and the subordinated black capitalists of BEE. These constituencies have benefited handsomely from “democracy” under the ANC and the World Cup is their latest gift from our government.

Andile concludes by arguing that the general public has to stop delegating the business of running the country to government and instead manage the country’s affairs and resources in the interests of all.

This volume is the sixth from the New Frank Talk series which is published by Andile. Other titles include the popular, Blacks can’t be Racist and Why Biko would not Vote. Andile Mngxitama is currently preoccupied with updating Black Consciousness. His black radical views are sought after both locally and internationally.

Date: Saturday 4 September

Time: 7pm

Venue: Lobby Books, Cape Town Democracy Center, 6 Spin Street

Contact: Andreas Spath at or 021 467 7606

Parking options:

Street parking in the area is safe.

Parking garages open to the public in the area include:

  • Plein Park (Plein Street; to get to the entrance, turn off Plein Street into Barrack Street and then into Corporation Street).
  • Mandela Rhodes Place (entrance in Burg Street, off Wale Street).

2 Responses

  1. Where can I find the copies of the NFT publications?

  2. Dear Mr Ndyebi

    We do sell New Frank Talk at Lobby Books (6 Spin Street, Cape Town), although we don’t have the new issue in stock yet.

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