New Writers’ Group in Cape Town

A New Writers’ Group in Cape Town

The 6 Spin Street Writers’ Group meets on Thursdays from 5 to ­ 7 pm at 6 Spin Street Restaurant in Cape Town.

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds who are united by our desire and commitment to write. Anyone who wants to share their work in a supportive environment and receive gentle but honest commentary and critique is invited to join us. Any form of written work is acceptable, and any writers – published, unpublished, aspiring or established – are welcome. We endeavour to engage with and learn from each other and share knowledge and experience about writing, publishing, calls for entries, and writing briefs. But the most important thing is to write.

For more information contact Margaret McEwan 0722334141


2 Responses

  1. Im interested in attending a meeting. Is the group still meeting, I see the last post on the site was in August of last year

    • Hi there

      Yes, ther writing group is still active. As far as I know they meet here on most Thursdays from about 5pm.

      Best regards,

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