Much at stake for South Africans in electricity choices

In Keeping the Lights On? A Review of the Draft Assumptions Underpinning South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan 2, Gary Pienaar and Smita Nakhooda note that decisions around how much electricity South Africa needs and how to meet those requirements have major implications for all sectors of South African society and for all South Africans. South Africans will pay the bills to finance the choices made. And they will pay more than money currency: they will also pay in water quality, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions if the choice is made to continue dependence on current coal plans. There are no easy solutions to the challenges at hand.

Idasa is leading the South African programme of the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI), which aims to improve governance of the electricity sector. The EGI is a joint project of the World Resources Institute in Washington and the Prayas Energy Group in India.


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