Book launch: In the Balance

Jacana Media invites you to join the Jacana Jamboree at the launch of:

In the Balance: South Africans Debate Reconciliation edited by Dr Fanie du Toit and Erik Doxtander

Editors Dr Fanie du Toit (Executive Director, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation) and Erik Doxtader will be in conversation with Raenette Taljaard and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

Reconciliation is an open and urgent question. We do not agree about what reconciliation means. We do not agree about how it works. We certainly do not agree about what it has done or the ways in which it can be brought to bear on the problems that confront South Africa today. In short, reconciliation keeps us off balance. A source of strength that sits at the very heart of South Africa’s remarkable transition to democracy, reconciliation is also a frustrating fault line and a yet unfulfilled promise.

There are no simple answers. As the leading voices in this book make clear, reconciliation is a question that must be debated – together – with a candid acknowledgement that the disagreements provoked by reconciliation are an opportunity to interact and learn from one another. Only by sharing our diverging accounts of reconciliation will we come to terms with its contested legacy, its contemporary meaning and its future possibilities. Direct and thought-provoking, the essays here offer staunch defences and pointed criticisms of reconciliation. Together, they challenge the conventional wisdom and sound an important call: once again, it is time to ask after reconciliation’s meaning, practice and value.

Wine and snacks will be served.

Date: Friday 30 July

Time: 17h30 for 18h00

Venue: Lobby Books, 6 Spin Street, Cape Town

Speakers: Dr Fanie du Toit and Erik Doxtader in conversation with Raenette Taljaard and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

RSVP: 021 467 7606;; or book on

This is a Jacana Media, Book Lounge, Cape Times and Equal Education initiave.

Please bring high quality children’s and young adults’ books, in good condition, to donate to Equal Education’s book drive for school libraries. 10% of all Jacana Books sold at the event will also go to Equal Education for their library book drive.


2 Responses

  1. I live in Toronto, Canada. How can I get this book?

    Thank you and best of luck,

    Judy Androsoff

  2. Hi Judy

    The book has just been launched here in South Africa. It’s not yet available for sale online, but I should imagine it will be quite soon. I suggest you check, or even in the next while.

    Best regards,

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