Lecture: Chicago’s Art Institute

You are invited to:

Chicago’s Art Institute, a lecture by Laura C. Johnson

This lecture will address the history of the famed Art Institute of Chicago beginning with its development on the rubble of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and its early years to conclude with its new (2009) contemporary wing for modern art and a discussion of the design by Italian architect Renzo Piano. Laura Johnson will show the highlights of the collection, including paintings by Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Marc Chagall, Paul Cezanne and Wassily Kandinsky, as she also emphasizes her favorite works by Chicago-based architect Louis Sullivan, and decorative work by Tiffany, as well as one of her special interests, the art of Vincent van Gogh.

The Director of the Art Institute, James Cuno, has recently published Who Owns Cultural Antiquity? which also will be referred to. Laura will conclude with a brief look at the art in the park program of the City of Chicago and the famous ‘Cloud Gate’ by Anish Kapoor in the Millennium Park with a theatre and bridge designed by Frank Gehry.

Laura C. Johnson is an American professor of art history living in Florence, Italy and working throughout Central Europe. She has studied in Ravenna, Italy and taught classes and lectured in St. Petersburg, Russia and Athens, Greece to adult students who travel with her or through special museum-sponsored art trips. Originally from Chicago, Laura also has lectured for The Art Institute of Chicago’s associates’ and outreach programs. Her passion is modern glass as art and she is currently working on a special exhibition of an art museum’s collection to be shown in Florence in 2012 and hopefully at Iziko South African National Gallery in the near future too.

Date: Monday 26th July 2010

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Lobby Books, 6 Spin Street, Cape Town

This lecture is presented by the Friends of the South African National Gallery. Please book with the Secretary Lizzie O’Hanlon, 021 467 4662 or sangfriends@iziko.org.za

Cost: R30             Students: R20


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