How much secrecy should be allowed in our democracy?

The proposed Protection of Information Bill (up for debate in SA parliament tomorrow) may weaken the public’s right to know. Parliamentarians need to make sure that the system protects and promotes transparency and accountability – these are non-negotiables in our constitutional democracy.

The latest version of the Bill allows all organs of state – approximately 140 bodies, ranging from municipal managers, to parastatals, to the Minister of State Security – to withhold large and vaguely defined categories of information, but the South African Constitution advocates for a robust right of access to information.

Idasa will release an opinion article about this issue later in the week. Do you have an opinion? Let us know what you think.


One Response

  1. Completely agree with Idasa’s position. We have a democracy where we vote in our representatives. We have a right to know how we are being governed. If this gets through it will be the start of a “Zimbabwe” style of government. If people have nothing to hide then why do they have to have a Protection Information Bill. Is it for the guilty??!!

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