Full circle: ANSA-Africa Newsletter

July 2010 – For democracy to function well, there must be a sense of accountability by politicians as well assome participation by citizens. Accountability checks the power of leaders and encourages peopleto take active part in society, making sure that governments (and corporations) are doing what theyare supposed to.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have shifted power relations by giving citizens more of an audience for their voice. Facebook, twitter and other social media have given new opportunities to people wanting to make those in power accountable.

Read this newsletter to find out more about:
– Big Brother is watching …. and being watched
– How to join facebook, twitter and create a blog
– Local government social media and responsibility
– Knock out the stockouts
– Focus on ICT in Kenya
– Beating the competition hands down
– Interaction in Senegal
– Connecting the unconnected in Bangladesh
– Sting lies in the tale

Download and read the full newsletter here.


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