DVD Review: ZA News Vol. 1

ZA News Vol 01 by Zapiro and Thierry Cassuto

ZA News Vol 01Zapiro at his best! A definite must watch, so much so that by the end of the first couple of episodes I’d already decided who I should buy a copy for! If you’re aware of what’s happening in the political realm or even vaguely have an idea of who’s who, this is a must watch! All the questions, eye rolling and comments you’d love to make, played out by a well made and recognisable puppet cast.

ZA News Vol 01 is available at Lobby Books for R100

From Tutu and Mandela watching the newscasts to Zuma, Malema and Zille attempting to get in touch with the people by flying economy class (yes, Malema, there is no business class on a Kulula flight) and Mbeki trying to converse with locals in a pub, there are snippets and scenes everyone can enjoy. Packed with satire and clever comments. If this doesn’t get you laughing, best get your funny bone checked!

Saranne Durham, researcher, Idasa


One Response

  1. Thanks for the great review.
    DVD volume 2 is now out by the way 🙂

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