Evita’s Kossie Sikelela at 6 Spin Street Restaurant

Could there be a more appropriate place than the Cape Town Democracy Centre to feature dishes from the recently published Evita’s Kossie Sikelela? In her introduction the most famous white woman in Africa tells us that Sit down, eat and talk has been her slogan. And here at Idasa’s Democracy Centre we celebrate the opportunities to eat.drink.talk.read.think. What a match.

Evita's Kossie Sikelela is available at Lobby Books for R150

6 Spin Street Restaurant dishes up three of Evita Bezuidenhout’s enviable recipes until 29th May. She says her recipe for bobotie is internationally regarded as the basis for reconciliation. We hope some Parliamentarians order it from our menu in these next two weeks. Anyone not in government will find Reconciliation bobotie delicious too, with homemade apple chutney and tomato and cucumber sambals.

Pumpkin bredie with tender lamb is the restaurant’s second selection from Evita’s cookbook, served with quince sambal. The quince sambal in fact is another fine recipe from the previous cookery book that was featured, Phillippa Cheifitz’s south africa eats.

Finally we couldn’t resist recreating Evita’s malva pudding, a South African classic. In case your opinion is that something penned by Evita is more for a laugh than culinary pleasure, I assure you that with the involvement of Linda Vicquery, a South African now living in Provence, this is a cookery book to keep close and use frequently. It is also the most affordable cookery book I have seen in some time at R150.00. With 245 dishes listed in the index that equates to 61 cents a recipe.

Everyone should spend five minutes in Lobby Books looking at the dust cover, which is a work of art that unfolds into a poster with a drawing on the reverse identifying every family member in Evita’s life, and a little longer in the restaurant to enjoy the very delicious food.



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