The 6TH comprehensive Africa agriculture development program (CAADP) partnership platform meeting

Agriculture is the cornerstone of the African economy and it is crucial for African governments to step up their investment in this sector if hunger, food insecurity and poverty are to be eliminated. Delegates at the 6th Partnership Platform Meeting of the CAADP, which took place in Johannesburg, placed strong emphasis on this increased investment. International and global dialogue is currently focused on agricultural performance, food security and climate change. Read more here.


2 Responses

  1. I think the issue of CAADP is very important. My own observation is related to slow-ness of implementation of the framework. Today most African countries have not signed the Compact. Tanzania is in the process… it might be signed sometimes in June 2010. But still there is a need to ensure the initial processes are more inclusive and there is enough clarity on how the issues will be shared at local level and involvement of smallholder farmers in general

    • Audax,
      As right put CAADP is an important Africa initiative that must be supported by all African states. However, the bureaucratic nature of doing business in Africa has slowed the speed of many “indigenous” initiatives such as the APRM of the African Union and now the CAADP process seems to be suffering the same fate. I am not sure of the reason for the procrastination but I hypothesise that it’s a combination of institutional resistance to adapt to change and the lack or perceived lack of consultation between relevant actors who hold great stake in the change process. The faster African governments put their houses in order the faster we can start with the practical process of implementing the development agenda that Africa desperately needs.

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