More on volunteering in Haiti

Idasa’s Nancy Dubosse (head of research; EGP) is in Haiti with Hands on Disaster Response, an organisation that specializes in rubble removal and other post-disaster needs. She is based in the city of Leogane. Here she shares some of the anxieties inherent in her work …

Last week we experienced four aftershocks in two days. There was one the week before, which was rated a 6.1. The two other tremors were rated as 4.7. For the first one, I was in such a state of panic, I couldn’t unzip my tent. By the time I was able to do so, the tremor was over. The next night was the same and tension prevented us from sleeping.  As a group we are normally quite communal and the mornings have a family-like atmosphere. The morning after was very quiet, anxieties high; our fear was palpable. We had had a lovely day at the beach the day before and the tremor was a rude awakening. From many accounts, the earthquake on 12 January was nothing in comparison to the aftershocks. But I think the feeling of helplessness is the same. The fact of the matter is that the only thing that we have control over is how we react to circumstances, our comportment and integrity.

See Nancy’s first post here.


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