Oil and Governance in Africa

A Case Study of Chad, Angola, Gabon, and Sao Tome é Principe

This report describes the context in which political power is exercised in the four countries that are the subject of the study. It will show how policies are shaped and how one might engage with – and perhaps change – the political processes at work. It is hoped that by isolating these socio-political forces, avenues for public participation, effective advocacy and positive engagement may be found. The focus is on what can be done to change the political process. The audience for this report is not limited to civil society actors. Civil society on its own will not be able to confront and resolve the challenges faced in oil-rich countries. The main actors in this arena are governments, MNCs, international funding agencies, donors, local and international NGOs, and, of course, the people. All face constraints and challenges that are unique to their domain. It is hoped that this report will resonate with all these stakeholders.

Download the electronic copy here or contact Shahieda on shendricks@idasa.org.za to order a hardcopy of this book.


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