Improving Academia? potential for research and social media

From The Broker

Can collaborative writing help to improve the quality or quantity of academic output? Proponents of social media (such as blogs and wikis) argue that such collaboration has the potential to ensure that the quality of
research is higher than that produced by individual scholars. But in an academic setting this will happen only if various collaboration and cooperation problems are resolved.

This paper, produced by “The Broker” (International Development Publications) argues that collaboration creates a new form of peer review by international scholars, thus broadening the scope of available knowledge and expertise.

The value of web 2.0 is that it is not about the technology, but is people and content-driven. By enabling individuals to connect and collaborate in new ways, these technologies have the potential to change or improve academia. Knowledge is not static, but this is how it has traditionally been disseminated in academic publications.
Such issues will continue to be debated among those who embrace technology and those who do not – particularly with regard to the notion of collaborative knowledge building.

See the blog about this here.

and the full article in the print journal here.

Thanks to our ANSA affiliate, Richard Humphries, for the pointer to this article.


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