Monitoring Zimbabwe’s Implementation of GPA

As Zimbabwe extracts itself from years of turbulence, the Global Political Agreement (GPA) provides the map for the way forward. Thus, monitoring the implementation of the GPA provides some measure of understanding of progress in Zimbabwe.

Idasa has put together a document which gives a monthly overview of political developments in Zimbabwe, under the terms set out in the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The sections profiled in monthly outputs may vary depending on events and issues raised in that particular report. Where possible, the relevant article as stipulated in the GPA has been provided. As this documentation begins in April, there may at times be references to activities or events that took place in previous months. Issues are rated according to compliance with the GPA, noting where there are violations or decisions still to be taken.  These assessments draw on reported activities and news media – the report is not intended to be comprehensive and is, to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of release.

This month, the articles covered include the following:

Article II – Commitment
Article VI – Constitution
Article III – Economic Development
Article IV – Funding
Article VII, XVI – Humanitarian & Food Assistance
Article XXII – JOMIC (Joint Monitoring Implementation Committee)
Article V – Land Reform
Article XVII – Legislation
Article XI, XVIII – National Security Council
Political Party Communication and Statements
Article VII, XII – Reconciliation
Articles XII and XIX – Rights and Freedoms    6
Article XI – Rule of Law
Article IV – Targeted Sanctions
Article VI, VII, XIII  Civil Society Mechanisms

Download the full document here.


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  1. lets find ways of getting information not covered in the media but still relevant to the debate

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