Opposition Politics – Turnout is Key

This brief discusses the landscape of opposition politics and explains some of the issues that may affect the opposition’s performance in election 2009, with regards to possible shifts of electoral support to the opposition.

Read more about the socio-economic landscape and disaffected voters, fragmentation within the opposition, race and class, the style of opposition politics that has emerged, and the importance of turnout at the polls.

See the full brief on the Idasa website here.


2 Responses

  1. […] Original post by idasa […]

  2. Opposition politics 2009 was an excellent article but silent on the greatest glue holding the ANC broad church together – patronage.

    It matters not that the ANC policies have not worked and/or other parties may have, or be perceived to have better policies and higher morals because through patronage the root to security and wealth is through sticking to the ANC.

    It is as simple as that; why else should the rural, less educated rural poor, the butt of poor service delivery, vote 99.99999% solidly for the ANC?

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