Is our racism rooted in patriarchal notions of power and identity?

Recently, at the Saturday Rugby game between South Africa and Australia, a young black women who watched the game was accosted and insulted by three white guys. They yelled at her that Mbeki was ruining the country and that blacks were destroying the game of Rugby. I think this is something we should perhaps talk about. What is the group perception of racism?

We live in a civil bubble – broader society is troubled with identity, we are on some levels subliminally racist because we are conditioned by the groups in which we associate to accept certain views of others which might not be necessarily true reflections of their actual identities.

What does this incident tell us about the groups most afflicted by racism? Is it just a white guy thing? Does this mean we should revisit some the dialogues on this issue or is it too sensitive to approach?
Must we give up if we cannot address it and accept this as a way of things to come in the hope that in some point in the future things might change (how, only God knows)? Even more importantly, is our racism rooted in patriarchal notions of power and identity?


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